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Beck Depression Inventory-II

by Aaron T. Beck, MD

Measures depressive symptoms in adults. CHILD DEPRESSION? Click here

Test profile:
Age Range: 17-80
Items: 20
Type: Self report

Scales: Total depression score, based on ratings that measure the degree of depression. The questionnaire asks about the behavioral, cognitive and emotional symptoms the rater has recently experienced.

Publisher's statement

The Beck keeps getting better. You can assess depression with the Beck Depression Inventory®-II (BDI-II), which is in line with the depression criteria of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV). This new edition of the Beck Depression Inventory®, the most widely used instrument for detecting depression, takes just five minutes to complete and is more clinically sensitive than ever. New Items Like its predecessor, the BDI-II consists of 21 items to assess the intensity of depression in clinical and normal patients. Each item is a list of four statements arranged in increasing severity about a particular symptom of depression. version notes

Report includes two bar graphs showing total depression score , comparing it to a normal and an outpatient sample of depressed individuals. Interpretation of the total depression score is presented. Critical items are listed for review. Finally a section on validity summarizes missing data and lists responses on each of the BDI-II items. [sample report]

Note: Depression in youth & children assessed on with Beck Youth Inventory.

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