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FAQs is a new internet portal where licensed/certified professionals can refer their clients/patients to complete assessments that may be helpful in providing behavioral health care. Professionals in practice are frequently asked to assist a patient or client in determining whether symptoms are severe enough to warrant a diagnosis. can help! uses the 'passcode referral method', the only available methodology that allows professionals to utilize every assessment tool in a system without having to purchase anything. Registration to use is free; the professional submits his/her credentials and when approved, is provided with an etesting account. From this account ipasscodes can be issued to individuals in the professional's practice. If desired, the professional can prepurchase assessments and bill the patient separately, or set up institutional payment for uses, so that financial arrangements are transparent to the client/patient user.
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A number of measures have been licensed from their publishers. Adult measures such as the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI-II), the Beck Anxiety Inventory, Caterino Adult ADHD Scale and Parenting Satisfaction Scales are on the system. The Dunn Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile is also now ready for use. For children and adolescents, the Beck Youth Inventories and the Brown ADD Scales are available.
B-DI publications, such as The Carey Temperament Scales, the Adult Temperament Questionnaire of Thomas and Chess, the BASICS Behavioral Adjustment Scale and TACTIC are also currently on the system.
Other measures, such as the remaining infant and child Sensory Profile measures and SASSI instruments are being coded and will be made available in the coming months.

To register, click here to request approval from the administrator.
A detailed user's guide is included, when registration is approved.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about

1. Which professionals can use
Licensed professionals with training in behavioral health can obtain registration to use This includes physicians, psychologists, social workers, behavioral health counselors and other individuals licensed for independent practice. Students in these disciplines can use the website under the direct supervision of a licensed professional.
Individuals who are employed by licensed health care, social service agencies and school districts can also be registered through contracts between the etesting administrator and the director of the agency.

2. What is an ipasscode?
A passcode is a special combination of letters and numbers assigned by a professional to a specific person that refers the individual for an online test or behavioral rating scale. When the person logs in, the system recognizes the subject, the evaluation needed and the professional responsible for the referral. When the evaluation process is finished, the results are instantly processed and transmitted directly to the referring professional. The subject is instructed to follow up with the professional for the results of the assessment.

3. How is an ipasscode billed?
The professional determines at the time of the referral how payment is to be made. Payment can be made in 3 ways: 1) the referred person can pay by credit card on the site, 2) the professional may pay, and bill the referred person or 3) an approved professional, agency or organization may prepay multiple uses by arrangement with administration.

4. How is an ipasscode delivered?
The professional also determines how the ipasscode is transmitted to the person completing the assessment. Options include email, fax, phone, snail mail or hand delivery of the information to the rater.

5. What kinds of rating instruments can be used?
The test types on include self rating instruments, parent/caregiver rating scales and teacher rating instruments. Each type of assessment is delivered with appropriate instructions to the individual completing the ratings. For children and youth self assessments and certain adult assessments, a third party can proctor the test administration. Results in all cases are sent directly back to the referring professional.

To register, click here to request approval from the administrator.
A detailed user's guide is included, when registration is approved.